'You had to choose your words’ Prince Charles remembers his father and their relationship

In an interview with the BBC which spoke with several Royal Family members and experts, Prince Charles remembered his father for his leadership and sternness noting the royal was a big character. Prince Charles remembered how people would need to “choose their words carefully” around Prince Philip as he would often analyse every syllable that came out of someone’s mouth. Prince Philip, who died on April 9, was remembered alongside Princess Anne and Prince Andrew for the special BBC tribute programme.

Speaking to the BBC, Prince Charles reminisced about his father and the relationship he had with him.

He said: “Well, you know he didn’t suffer fools gladly. 

“So if you said anything that was in any way ambiguous he’d say ‘make up your mind!’ you know.

“So perhaps it made one choose your words very carefully. 

“He was very good at showing you how to do things and instruct you in various things.” 

Princess Anne who also appeared on the programme said: “As you grew older there was a lot of talking to you about things you’ve done.

“So you became aware of what else was going on and the things you’ve been doing.

“But there was a huge amount of encouragement to do things and quite a lot of leeway in terms of pushing the boundaries.

“Which is probably not given to many nowadays I have to say.”

Details of Prince Philip’s funeral will be released this weekend but it will take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. 

According to the Duke’s wishes, he will not have a state funeral and there will be no lying-in-state. 

Flags will fly at half-mast in tribute on all government buildings until 8am the day after Prince Philip’s funeral. 

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