'Woke PC gone mad!' Backlash as Hasbro announces Mr Potato Head will become gender-neutral

Speaking on Mark Dolan’s show the station’s reporter Emily Rose Adams said: “I do have some breaking news for you this afternoon.

“Mr Potato Head is going to become gender neutral and is no longer going to be ‘Mr’.

“Hasbro, the company which makes the toy, is renaming it Potato Head and the toy will be developed in new boxes called ‘Potato Head’ instead of ‘Mr Potato Head’.”

Mr Potato Head, first sold in 1952, is a potato shaped toy which mimics the human face.

Users can change its features including the ears, eyes and mouth.

Mr Dolan hit out at the move commenting: “The legendary toy Mr Potato Head, a toy that has brought joy to millions of little boys and little girls, that you put the different features on – give him fuzzy eyebrows and a different smile, well he is the latest victim of cancel culture.

“Of woke political correctness gone mad. It is a shocking story, it is a disgrace.

“He’s a potato! Please leave well alone. Welcome to the crazy world of 2021.”

More to follow… 

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