Window cleaning: Lynsey Crombie shares which products to use on PVC and wooden frames

TV cleaning expert and best-selling author Lynsey Crombie shared more cleaning tips for “Windows Wednesday” on her Instagram story. Lynsey explained that while most people concentrate on the glass, now is the time to clean your frames and sills too. She said: “Most of the time when we are washing our windows the glass is the part we pay most attention to.

Lynsey said dusting gloves are great for “quick cleans”.

She showed fans a picture of hers which cost £8.30 on Amazon.

The gloves are called “E-cloth Dusting Gloves” and are made from premium microfibre.

The cleaning expert also suggested using a blind dusting tool.

Yesterday, she showed fans how eliminate bad smells from trainers using tea bags, baking soda and dry shampoo.

The cleaning hack was well-received by her fans who claimed the methods were “genius”.

The cleaning expert’s book, The 15-Minute Clean: The quickest way to a sparkling home, will be available to purchase from April 1.

The book will teach readers how to effectively clean in just 15 minutes and create a quick and easy routine.

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