What Brexit apocalypse? MEP brilliantly lists UK's roaring trade victories outside EU

Florian Philippot, president of France’s Eurosceptic Les Patriots party, heaped praise on the UK and slammed europhile doom-mongers who predicted the country’s apocalyptic demise. Highlighting the trade deals the UK has completed with 67 countries and the EU, he said such a move was only possible with the “freedom” Brexit created.

The former far-right National Front member tweeted: “The UK has already concluded trade deals with 67 countries around the world, in addition to the EU!

“Who said Brexit would be the apocalypse, the withdrawal into itself, a catastrophe?

“A free country aware of its national interests defends them better! Frexit quickly!”

He added: “As the EU and a submissive French government rush to the Sanitary Passport, the United States is refusing it in the name of ‘the rights of individuals and the protection of personal data’.

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He added: “Under German pressure, France killed its mountains and the 1st ski area in the world!

“While in Switzerland, the ski lifts have remained open: no source of contamination whatsoever.”

The Frexit campaigner has previously shamed Brussels’s devastating impact on France’s standard of living.

Calling on the country to quit the bloc, the leader of Les Patriotes argued that France’s membership of the EU had caused it to fall from 5th place to 26th in 46 years.

He blasted: “In 1975, France: 5th in the world for the standard of living per capita.

“Today: 26th row.

“But there are still ideologues to tell us that the EU and the euro are extraordinary successes!

“Frexit, independence, freedom, power, fast!”

The news couldn’t come at a worse time for the embattled Mr Macron.

He goes to the polls next year seeking a second presidential term after his disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic has turned many voters off.

Currently just 37 percent of French people approve of Mr Macron – down four points from March, according to a survey for Ipsos Mori.

Meanwhile a whopping 58 percent, a five-point rise, disapprove of Mr Macron’s calamitous premiership.

The decline is starkest among 35 to 39-year-olds where it has tumbled nine points to just 31 percent thinking well of the republic’s leader.

Among France’s blue-collar workers Mr Macron fares even worse.

A measly 26 percent of this demographic approve of the president – creating a significant worry for his party ahead of next year’s election.

Many of these voters could back his arch-rival Marine Le Pen.

Numerous polls currently have the centre-right politician and the far-right National Rally leader neck and neck.

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