'Virus IS out of control' Nicola Sturgeon shamed as Scotland Covid cases continue to rise


Nicola Sturgeon was forced to defend her approach to the coronavirus pandemic as she was challenged on the rising number of new infections across Scotland. STV reporter Gordong Chree put the SNP First Minister on the spot as he pointed out Scotland had long surpassed the 5 percent rate of newly infected individuals. As Mr Chree inisted that “the virus is out of control now”, Ms Sturgeon was left to defend her position.

The First Minister conceded the rate of infection is worrying but insisted Scotland can still get a grip of the virus: “I’m the last person that’s going to try and minimise the challenge we face. I try not to do that, I try to be upfront and frank with people.

“I don’t think it’s true to say it’s out of control, we are still working to break chains of transmission and to slow down the transmission.

“But we are at a very perilous point in this journey. We all need to do what is asked of us and we need to make sure we’re abiding by all of the rules because the difference between where we are now, which is a virus that is accelerating again but is not out of control, and one that is running out of control is often a very fine line.

“We’ve chosen deliberately to intervene early and take some criticism for it, particularly around the measures we announced last week on hospitality.”

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Last week Ms Sturgeon announced a controversial measure unleashing strict measures on pubs and restaurants across the central belt of Scotland.

Other hospitality venues saw the introduction of curfews in a move the Scottish Government insists will help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Ms Sturgeon continued: “But I think it’s the right thing to do, to try to act early and decisively rather than leaving it perhaps too late and be able to get control of it then.

“We have an R number that is not how we’d want it to be, we’ve got a doubling rate that is shorter than we’d want it to be. 

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