Unforgotten season 5: How will Sunny cope after Cassie's death? 'more isolated than ever'

How will Sunny cope after Cassie’s death? 

Speaking to psychologist and co-founder of mental wellbeing platform Remente, Niels Eék told Express.co.uk how Sunny could be feeling “more isolated than ever” after losing Cassie.

He explained: “Losing a loved one, whether they are a partner, family member or friend, is always difficult to process, and can lead to feelings of isolation.

“The grief of losing someone you are closely connected with and often turn to for support, as with Sunny and Cassie, can be particularly hard to deal with. Feelings of loneliness are a natural response.

“Although this situation is never easy to deal with, the shock of a sudden loss in particular, as seen in Unforgotten, can be particularly difficult, because a sudden death does not allow those around that person to prepare to face their grief.

“Not giving yourself the proper time to process the emotions that come with loss can result in you feeling more isolated than ever, even if you are surrounded by family or friends.”

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