Topless Florida woman passed out at wheel asks cops for lawyer before failing field sobriety test

An intoxicated Florida woman who was found wearing a bra and slumped over her steering wheel when deputies tried to awaken her during a November arrest asked for a lawyer before submitting to a field sobriety test, according to body camera footage posted online Tuesday. 

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a gas station parking lot on Nov. 9, 2020 where they saw Shannon Marie Hart in the car parked in a handicapped space. After several attempts to get her attention, Hart gets out of the vehicle where they ask her several questions, according to Breaking 911, which posted the video online.

Hart told the deputies she was a bartender. A deputy said he could smell alcohol on her breath before informing her that she would have to complete field sobriety exercises to determine whether she is impaired. 

“Can I get a lawyer,” Hart asks. 

“Not at roadside, no,” a deputy responds. “Are you going to perform the exercises or no?”

“Do I really have a choice?” she said. 

“I can’t force you to them. That’s your right,” the deputy replies. “But I’m also telling that refusal to do them is leaving it to our interpretation as to whether you’re intoxicated or not. An based on what I’ve seen and smelled so far, I have no confidence, like no doubt in my mind that if I was to take you to the DUI center right now and have you blow in a machine like you were supposed to, you would not do well.”


After failing the tests, Hart was arrested. She later tested for blood alcohol levels of .232% and .222%, according to the article. She was issued a DUI citation and taken to the Orange County jail. 

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