Tips For Those With Wide Feet


Now is the time for wide-footed folks to be recognized! Take a minute to learn how to make your feet the most comfortable and best-supported they have ever been.


Lots of people have wide feet due to the vagaries of genetics, but there are others whose wide feet are the result of weight gain, aging, or perhaps pregnancy. Women often have wider feet than men, but wide feet can sometimes just be the result of standing up for lengthy periods of time.


When it comes to treating wide feet with the care they deserve, shop for shoes that feature removable insoles and liners. Find options that are sufficiently flexible to add or subtract material as necessary to get a perfectly comfortable fit. Shoes in the orthotics category will often fill the bill.


Avoid slip-on models, despite the fact that they can sometimes be attractive to wide-footed individuals. While these kinds of shoes may seem extremely convenient, they actually force the feet upward toward the crowded toe box area. Laced shoes really are better when it comes to extra wide shoes.


Shoes for wide feet need to have a specific mode of closure. Velcro or laces are perfect for customizing width and should be considered the top choice.


Steer clear of pointed-toe shoes. Wide toe boxes are ideal for wide feet, simply because the give more room.


Shoes with soft uppers, wide soles, and a stable base material are ideal. You want a shoe that is engineered biomechanically from the bottom up and that incorporates supportive, shock-absorbing features.


By choosing orthotic shoes, you can receive the support your wide feet crave and gain an improved sense of balance and posture in the bargain as well. That kind of comfort and functionality is tough to beat and will be a welcome change for those who have struggled with their foot width for years.


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