'This is going to the wall' Carole Malone erupts at Owen Jones in blistering clash

Carole Malone appeared on the Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 to argue for quicker lockdown easing and questioned why, with a vaccine, the UK was dragging its heels. The presenter erupted at Mr Jones for supporting slower coronavirus restriction lifting by blasting his position of privilege that she and others on the show shared because their work has not been drastically affected by the lockdown. She angrily continued and said it would be impossible to get rid of Covid entirely and any further lockdowns would be unnecessary. 

Speaking on Jeremy Vine, Ms Malone said: “You know Owen sitting his home and his work and his income has not been affected one iota neither is mine, neither has anyone in the studio, we’re all earning the money we used to do. 

“You cannot say to people, this is a short term approach this lockdown has been in effect 15 months.

“This is not short term, businesses are going to the wall.

“And to (Dr Sarah Jarvis) you can twist your face as much as you like and you always do when I talk about COVID, but you know the thing is we’re going to have to come out of lockdown soon.

“We have a vaccination now, we’re not going to live in a Covid free society, get used to it.” 

Dr Sarah Jarvis joined the panel and is a GP who frequents the show. 

She snapped back: “I absolutely accept we’re not gonna live in a Covid free society but you always make this comment about how well off the rest of us are. 

“Actually my kids have both had their jobs affected, I look after so many patients in a quiet deprived area of inner-city London, who’ve had huge impacts on their lives.

“But I’ve also seen an awful lot more patients die, be admitted to hospital end up with long Covid and some of them will never work again, or indeed ever breathe again. 

“So, you know, please don’t tell me that I don’t know what it’s like, I do.”

Ms Malone responded: “I do we keep knocking down every time there’s a resurgence? The whole point of this vaccination was that it was going to make our society, almost Covid-free.”

Owen Jones replied: “Can I be very blunt about this reason that so many businesses have gone to the wall that the economy’s been so badly hit, is (because of the) people like Carol listen to, we didn’t lock down quick enough and the virus was allowed to run out of control.”

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Over 10,000 pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses closed their doors permanently in 2020, according to Sky News. 

This was a rise of 175 percent compared to 2019. 

The Government provided support for the hospitality sector, which employs over three million people, by slashing VAT and through the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. 

Despite furlough measures, nearly 700,000 lost their jobs in the hospitality industry last year. 

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