The Chase: ITV contestant storms off following Bradley Walsh swipe 'I'll go shall I?'


Asif, Emily, Russell and Sophie were the four The Chase contestants joining Bradley Walsh on the ITV show this evening. All four hoped to pocket some cash but faced a tough task in the form of quizmaster Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan. And the Chaser was in fine form, dismissing of first player Russell with ease, but Asif managed to make it back to the Final Chase – although he couldn’t resist a joke at Bradley’s expense which led to a hilarious walk-off.

After making it back to the Final Chase, Bradley, Asif and Jenny began to discuss the final question which he’d answered correctly.

And it turned out the ITV host knew who the subject of the final question was as he detailed to Jenny how to say his name correctly.

“He drinks at my local restaurant,” Bradley explained to the Chaser and contestant.

However, he clarified: “When I say mine, I don’t mean I own it.”

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Jenny let out a chuckle at Bradley’s comments before Asif spotted the opportunity for a joke.

“You just serve there,” Asif swiped, prompting the Chaser to giggle.

However, feigning his dislike for the joke, Bradley sarcastically hit back: “Funny.”

Trying to escape the tension, Asif then turned and decided he’d walk off away from the table and return to his seat – without Bradley telling him to do so.

“I’ll go, shall I?” Asif joked as he turned away leaving Bradley dumbfounded.

As he returned to his seat, Bradley gave up the act and let out a laugh that Asif had decided to take matter into his own hands and walk away.

With £5,000 now in the prize fund, Asif waited to see if either of Sophie or Emily would be able to join him.

Sadly for Emily, she was caught by Jenny after opting for the lucrative top off but Sophie did make it home with another £6,000.


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