Tesco follows Morrisons in making huge change to deliveries this month

Tesco has told its customers that the groceries delivered to their doors will no longer come in plastic bags and tray liners. The supermarket’s new ban is set to come into place from April 19.

Tesco has previously implemented a ban on plastic bags, but as a response to the pandemic and to increase hygiene, the supermarket re-introduced the use of plastic bags for all online orders last year.

It said: “As a response to COVID‐19 and to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, we reintroduced carrier bags for all online orders.

“However, we know how concerned many of you are about plastic – and we’re aware we have an important role to play in reducing plastic consumption.

“This means there’ll no longer be an option at the checkout to have your shopping packed in plastic bags or tray liners.”

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Tesco has told customers that instead of being put in plastic bags and tray liners, groceries will be placed directly into trays.

However, the supermarket will continue to use plastic bags for certain foods and products, such as meat, fish, and some household cleaning products.

Tesco said: “You can also be assured that we’ll continue to work hard to keep trays and other delivery equipment hygienic.”

The supermarket recommended customers have their own bags ready to pack their groceries into.

By banning plastic bags this year, Morrisons said it would prevent 98 million plastic bags to be used annually.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “From 1 April all of our picked-in-store online deliveries and click & collect operations will go back to bagless.

“Our delivery drivers will bring customers’ shopping in totes to their doorstep, with customers receiving extra time to unpack their shopping into their household,” the spokesperson added.

During the pandemic, the UK Government removed the 5p charge of plastic bags, but it has now been reintroduced to all supermarkets.

This decision to bring the charge back came after stores were criticised over plastic pollution.

To reduce the use of single-use plastic, many UK supermarkets, as well as other retailers, are doing their part to be more environmentally aware.

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