When to sow leek seeds – How to grow leeks

Leeks are a great addition to any home comfort foods, such as adding them into your cauliflower cheese or your favourite casserole recipe. The delicious vegetable is usually harvested in winter. But they take a long time to grow to full size

When to plant sunflower seeds

Bright and cheerful, Sunflowers are pretty easy to grow from seeds, and the yield is pretty good – there aren’t many other plants that can grow as high as 3cm in your back garden. The tallest sunflower ever recorded was grown in

When to plant tomatoes: How to plant tomato seeds

Tomatoes from the supermarket can’t compare to home-grown, freshly picked tomatoes. Whether you stick them in a salad, sauce, sandwich or use them in a soup, tomatoes that you’ve grown yourself are superior to ones you could buy in a packet. Express.co.uk chatted to