San Antonio police officer shot in hand; 2 suspects dead, third injured

A San Antonio, Texas, police officer was shot in the hand Friday before he killed two suspects and injured a third during a gunfire exchange, authorities said.  Police Chief William McManus said the officer’s body camera footage showed him pulling over a truck with three people inside around

San Antonio airport on lockdown, police confirm shooting

San Antonio police confirmed an officer-involved shooting at a parking garage on Airport Boulevard Thursday and ordered a lockdown after there had been reports of a gunman opening fire from an overpass earlier in the day. “There is no active threat to

San Diego Zoo worker bitten by venomous snake with no antivenom

A San Diego Zoo employee was hospitalized Monday afternoon after being bitten by a venomous snake, according to reports. The incident occurred as the wildlife care specialist was caring for the African bush viper, scientifically known as Atheris squamigera, in a non-public area,

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