Latest attack pushes US Capitol Police further toward crisis

The U.S. Capitol Police are struggling. One officer was killed and another injured when a driver slammed into them at a barricade Friday afternoon. The attack comes after officers were overrun and injured when a violent mob overran the Capitol on Jan. 6, breaking through insufficient

Air Force pushes pilot diversification plan: Report

Air Force officials have announced a new plan to diversify their pilot force to include more women and minorities. Officials want to expand diversification for the renowned position, historically dominated by white males, through recruitment, retention, and removing barriers for advancement by 2030,

Russia pushes back, Putin speaks out after Biden describes him as a killer

Russia’s Vladimir Putin said Thursday that he wishes President Biden “health, and I say that without any irony or joking,” this after the American leader described him as a killer in an interview earlier this week.  Biden, in the segment that aired Wednesday on ABC News, also vowed that Putin will “pay