When to plant peas

Garden peas are one of the most popular types of vegetables in the UK, as they’re nutritious and very versatile. You may be tempted to try growing your own peas this year as they’re very easy to look after. Peas are the

What to plant in May: The top seeds to sow in May

Vegetables May is the ideal time to sow some delicious veggies. The RHS site says: Sow French beans, runner beans, squash, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds directly into prepared beds outside. Be alert to late frosts (for which a covering of horticultural fleece

How to look after an aloe vera plant

How do you grow aloe vera? Aloe vera can be grown as a houseplant indoors, or it can be grown outside in the warmer seasons. According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website, to grow aloes in containers, cactus compost works well.

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