Suburra season 3 cast: Who is in the cast of Suburra?


Suburra: Blood on Rome is a popular series acting as a prequel to the film of the same name from 2015. The series was also based on the novel of the same title by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, and it was Netflix’s first Italian Original series. Fans are keen to find out who is in the cast of Suburra season three and has everything you need to know.

Who is in the cast of Suburra season 3?

Aureliano Adami – Alessandro Borghi

One of the main players in the series is Aureliano Adami, who is part of the Ostia-based gang and the second son of criminal Tullio Adami.

Aureliano, who is also referred to as “Number 8”, and his sister Livia helped their father manage the mafia.

Alessandro Borghi is an Italian actor who is known for his roles in Devils and On My Skin, and he reprises his role from the Suburra film.

The 34-year-old has won the David di Donatello for Best Actor in 2019 for his role in On My Skin.

He was also nominated for a David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actor for his Suburra role back in 2015.

The star is on Instagram and fans were sad to hear season three will be the final instalment, but they were excited to see his character return one last time.

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Alberto ‘Spadino’ Anacleti – Giacomo Ferrara

Spadino is a member of an opposing gang, known as Sinti, and he commands the clan alongside his brother Manfredi (Adamo Dionisi).

Throughout the series, he is looked down upon by his brother for showing a lack of interest in the clan, and Spadino often tries to go solo.

He was forced to marry Angelica Sale, who was the daughter of another clan boss, to bring both families together as allies.

Giacomo Ferrara is a 29-year-old Italian actor who has starred in The Furlough and My Daughter’s First Time.

He is on Instagram and he shared the trailer for the third season of Suburra, as well as the message: “This is the answer. The third and final season of Suburra on Netflix.”

Gabriele Marchilli – Eduardo Valdarnini

Gabriele Marchilli is the son of a policeman who manages to create a drug empire behind his father’s back.

He later becomes the lover of Sara Monaschi, who is an auditor for the Vatican.

Fans follow the conflicting relationship he has experienced with his father, and he also struggles with the fact his mother abandoned him.

Eduardo Valdarnini is a 29-year-old actor who was born in France, and he has also starred in Something New and Arianna.

In an interview with The Italian Reve, he said the series helped him discover himself. He said: “It was rather the path that made me discover something about me.

“Discovering is what you also study academically speaking, they teach you about vulnerability, openness, being available to others. All beautiful words but until you try it, you can’t really know.”

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Samurai – Francesco Acquaroli

Samurai is known for being one of the most intimidating characters who, although he does not say much, seems to be running the show.

He is a powerful leader who will do whatever it takes to get his hands on what he wants, and he has many sinister plans in mind.

Francesco Acquaroli is a 58-year-old Italian actor who has previously starred in Welcome Home, Dogman and Rocco Schiavone.

The star most recently took on a role in Fargo season four, as Ebal Violante.

He is known for his roles both on stage and on screen, and he has been praised by audiences at the Rome Film Festival.

Amedeo Cinaglia – Filippo Nigro

Amedeo Cinaglia is an Italian politician who feels isolated within his own party and he ended up being discharged.

He ended up being contacted by Samurai who tried to encourage him to pass a law concerning Ostian lands.

He acts as a potential ally for both political sides, which makes him one of the most useful assets of the series.

Filippo Nigro is a 49-year-old actor who is known for his roles in Deep in the Wood and Different from Whom.

He shared a photo of himself with his co-stars Borghi and Ferrara with the message “buddies”, and fans shared some emotional messages of appreciation.

The cast also includes Claudia Gerini as financial auditor Sara Monaschi, Carlotta Antonelli as Angelica Sale, Spadino’s wife, Paola Sotgiu as Spadino’s mother Adelaide Anacleti, Alessandro Bernardini as Saverio Guerri, Samurai’s sidekick, Mirella Sarachelli as Donna Anacleti and Barbara Chichiarelli as Livia Adami – Aureliano’s sister.

Suburra season 3 airs on Netflix on October 30


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