Sturgeon’s ‘party political broadcasts’ shamed as SNP FM ordered to ‘RESIGN’


The First Minister has used the televised address from Holyrood to keep the public up to date with developments in the country’s fight against COVID-19. But some Scots see the press conferences as an attempt by Ms Sturgeon to improve her ratings and whip up support for the SNP.

And now former Labour MP George Galloway has touched on the public uproar over the SNP leader’s briefings.
He responded “now!” to a tweet put out by The Majority calling on the First Minister to step down.
The tweet posted by the Scottish anti-nationalist Twitter account read: “Once again, we get NO discussion in Parliament, NO alternative proposals discussed, NO amendments and NO votes.
“NO business consultation. NO scientific evidence produced or challenged.

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“This isn’t democracy, it’s a ONE-WOMAN farce.
“Retweet to say NO MORE.”
The tweet was finished off with the hashtag #ResignSturgeon.
Mr Galloway also retweeted a tweet by the same group claiming the press events were full of “Sturgeon’s pontification with no alternative views or opposition pushback.”

One person said: “Apparently Nicola Sturgeon’s five tier plan is being criticised for a lack of details – to be fair, the fact that we know the actual number of tiers in the plan makes it more detailed than her plan for independence.#ResignSturgeon #SNPOut2021.”

Another disappointed viewer of Ms Sturgeon’s public addresses said of the SNP: “We need them gone, Scotland needs them gone.”

Adding the hashtag #ResignSturgeon, they said: “We can do so much better.”

On Friday Ms Sturgeon said that the virus was almost eliminated in Scotland during the summer and was partly reseeded by travellers from elsewhere.

She said: “This is a virus that obviously travels across borders very easily and I suspect over the summer we did get very close to elimination in Scotland and then, not entirely, but we’ve reseeded it from travel across the UK and internationally so border control I think is an important consideration here.”

She said that even if a country were to decide to seal itself off, it then becomes a question of how long you do that for as that comes with costs for areas like trade and the economy.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie hit back, accusing her of spreading “anti-English rhetoric”.

Mr Rennie said parts of Scotland have some of the worst rates of coronavirus across the UK and claimed the Scottish Government “squandered” valuable time over the summer months when the virus had abated.

Mr Rennie said: “Anti-English rhetoric has reared its ugly head at different points throughout this crisis and there is no place for it.”


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