Sturgeon shamed as Ferrari erupts at SNP leader 'playing politics and wrong-footing Boris'


A total of 113 people were moved between March 1 and May 31 although they had not received a negative test before they were transferred, the Public Health Scotland study shows. A further 243 who had tested positive were discharged after at least one negative follow-up test. The report found between March 1 and April 21 there were 3,599 discharges from hospitals to care homes, with the majority (81.9 percent) not tested for coronavirus.

Of the 650 who were tested, 78 received a positive result while in hospital and of these patients, ten tested negative before they were discharged while the remainder did not.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari has erupted at the Scottish First Minsiter following the report.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: “It was strange, wasn’t it that the explanation Nicola Sturgeon gave was that she’s not a clincian.

“Well not many world leaders are clinicians. I’m sure there’s possibly a couple around but what you are of course is responsible for the decisions taken under the government that you run.

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“While you can’t be at everybody’s beside doing all the tests, it does ultimately track back to you.

“In Ms Sturgeon’s case, we have someone who has really sought to identify with the crisis.

“She has taken those daily press briefings, has tried to play politics and wrong-foot Westminster on times and appear more in control than Boris Johnson.

“Really the chicken has come home to roost in this report simply saying, ‘I’m not a doctor’ isn’t enough.”

Ms Sturgeon said the report concludes that allowing for other factors, such as the size of a care home, “hospital discharges were not found to have contributed to a significantly higher risk of an outbreak”.

It states: “After accounting for care home size and other care home characteristics, the estimated risk of hospital discharge reduces and is not statistically significant.”

Ms Sturgeon said Public Health Scotland will now carry out further work to give a more detailed understanding of COVID-19 outbreaks in care homes.

She pledged: “Where the report’s conclusions highlight the need for additional measures, we will act on that.

“I want people to know we take this very seriously.”


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