Sturgeon and SNP alliance with Green Party risks 'deeply damaging' policies for Scotland

Jackson Carlaw told that despite predictions of a “green wave” the Green Party’s “balloon bursts” on polling day. However, the Scottish Tory added that an SNP Government supported by Green Party MSPs is fundamentally dangerous for Scotland due to some of the policies the party has been advocating in the build-up to the Holyrood election.

Mr Carlaw said: “Every election we have Ross Greer saying there is a green wave coming and then it is like a burst balloon when we actually get to polling day.

“It may well be that the SNP do have to rely on the Greens.

“I think that just says it all, a party that cannot win any first past the post seats and comes pretty well last in terms of its electing an MSP in nearly every region is then wagging the tale of the SNP dog.

“I think that is fundamentally dangerous because some of the policies they are advocating in this election are deeply damaging.”

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During the same interview, Mr Carlaw labelled Ms Sturgeon’s approach to TV and online hustings as “aggressive and irritated”.

Mr Carlaw stated he was surprised by Nicola Sturgeon’s approach to the build-up of the Scottish Parliamentary election.

The former Scottish Tory leader suggested the electoral campaign forced the First Minister into facing her record on key issues away from the pandemic.

Mr Carlaw said: “I think she got a second wind of popularity as leaders tend to do wherever they are serving across the world when countries are faced with a national emergency.

“I am starting to question the relevance of Nicola Sturgeon and her performance.

“I have been quite surprised. I would almost suggest she needs to go to an online charm school because she has become very irritated and aggressive during these television and online hustings.

“It is almost as if she views the whole process of this election as a monumental inconvenience of her divine right to continue to rule.”

The Holyrood election takes place this Thursday on May 6, 2021.

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