Strictly Come Dancing 2020: BGT star drops huge hint ahead of Christmas special


Britain’s Got Talent star Amanda Holden, 49, dropped a huge hint that she might appear on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special, despite the rivalry between the BBC and ITV shows. The full line-up for the socially distanced dance contest has already been released but she could surprise fans as she joins the festive episode, which is yet to be filmed.

In a recent interview, Amanda admitted that doing the one-off would be better fitting for her as it would be “too much hard work” to commit to the full 13-weeks, albeit this year’s show has been cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The main program sees the celebrities and their pro dance partners train for at least eight hours per day, sticking to a vigorous schedule, something Amanda can’t see herself doing anytime soon.

But she didn’t rule out the festive special, saying: “I would 100 percent do the Christmas special and would 100 percent go and sing on there but I love watching it.”

But she added that BGT boss Simon Cowell might not be impressed if she crossed to the other side.

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“Even though we all love it and watch it, including Simon, it’s our biggest rival show,” she laughed.

Away from the glitz and glam of the upcoming 2020 series, BGT has been at the centre of controversy after over 20,000 viewers complained to TV regulator Ofcom over dance group Diversity’s performance in the semi-finals.

The artistic routine retold the events of 2020, including celebrating the NHS and the murder of George Floyd.

But the latter didn’t sit right with a lot of fans, who complained it wasn’t appropriate for prime time TV.

“As the BGT family, and Diversity are very much a part of that, Ashley is doing a phenomenal job as a judge, and we stand by him and stand by that performance 100 percent.”

Ofcom also stated they would not be taking the complaints further, therefore dismissing the case.

But the week after, the ITV show came under fire again, after more viewers sent in complaints about judge Alesha Dixon’s her choice of jewellery.

She wore a statement Black Lives Matter necklace, something Amanda and thousands of others applauded her for doing.

“I feel enormously protective towards Alesha and all my friends who experience this kind of thing,” Amanda told Huff Post.

“And it’s not just in Black communities, it’s in gay communities and just communities where it’s not comfortable for everybody. I’ve always been a fierce defender of any issue like that, where people want to make change that doesn’t always sit comfortably with other people.”

She added: “Alesha, believe me, is tough and can fight her own corner. She doesn’t need me but she’s got me right there if she needs me… I’ve got a mouthguard and a hot towel ready.”

With BGT’s 2020 series now concluded, could Amanda be preparing to upsticks and move over to BBC for a one-off festive appearance?

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One next month.


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