'Stop talking rubbish, Adam!' Rattled Alex Salmond loses it in staggering Sky News spat

A rattled Alex Salmond warned that he would leave a furious interview with Sky News’ Adam Boulton if he continued to be interrupted. The Alba Party leader was grilled on the controversies surrounding candidates that the party has put forward ahead of the Scottish elections in May. At one point, Mr Salmond erupted: “If you keep interrupting me, you will make this interview impossible!”

Sky News anchor Adam Boulton pointed to controversial social media posts from Alba Party candidates including Jim Walker and Alex Arthur.

Jim Walker has previously described Nicola Sturgeon as a “cow” online while Mr Arthur compared “Romanian beggars” to “juicy, overfed pigs”.

When confronted on these attacks, Mr Salmond defended them, insisting the incidents took place before they were candidates and that Mr Walker has apologised for the remarks.

He said: “That was a Twitter exchange before Jim was a candidate.

“He is one of the most significant economists in the world incidentally! So let’s give him some credit.”

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He continued: “And Alex Arthur is a world champion boxer and holds an OBE.

“Look, Adam, I’m sure even you have said things you regret and have apologised for on social media.

“All Alba Party candidates go forward in an entirely positive agenda about Scotland’s future.

“That’s the kind of discourse I hope we will have even with Sky television.

“Let’s move onto the substance of the election. Let’s talk about politics!”

When the pair got into the election campaign issues, Mr Salmond predicted that independence-backing parties would gain 80 seats out of a possible 129 at Holyrood.

He said: “This would give us a super-majority. That would make it less likely Boris Johnson would refuse a referendum. He wouldn’t be taking on a single part but an entire nation!”

Mr Salmond claimed that just like David Cameron, Boris Johnson would be forced to “back down” to Scotland’s independence demands. 

He continued: “The difference between the SNP and Alba is a question of urgency. We think independence is an immediate priority.

“We have been in existence for three weeks and we have already overtaken the Scottish Lib Dems in membership.

“And we have more MPs in Westminster than the Scottish Labour Party!”

Mr Salmond also pledged to take Scotland back into the single market this year.

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