Stamp duty holiday: Looming deadline sees many homes sold without proper ‘legal documents’

“However, what about those who also need to have their documentation in place?

“We know that Brits love to ‘fix-up’ their properties.

“Home improvement projects experienced a real boom after the first lockdown of 2020, but as a nation, we are widely unaware of the requirement to document these projects, and likewise, the consequences of not recording such improvements.

“As our research has shown, we are still widely unaware of the proper certification we need to provide to solicitors and conveyancers when processing transactions.

“Without such documentation, sales can be held up for weeks, if not months.

“We therefore call for the extension of the stamp duty holiday in order to organise such documentation.”

PoweredNow are not the only platform calling on the Chancellor to extend the deadline.

The Law Society of England and Wales is also urging people to write to their MP calling for the deadline to be extended or for the Government to implement a tapered transition.

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