Sophy Ridge bursts out laughing after Labour frontbencher claims election shows 'progress'

Labour frontbencher Ian Murray was ridiculed by Sky News political host Sophy Ridge after he suggested that this week’s election results showed “progress” for the party. Ms Ridge reeled off a list of humiliating election losses for Labour, as infighting erupts inside the party. She told Mr Murray that the party “doesn’t have a grip on what is going on here” after a set of catastrophic results across the country.

The Labour MP told Sky News: “We are making progress but it’s not fast enough.

“Nobody is taking away the significance of the losses but we have a lot of speeding up to do.”

Ms Ridge responded: “Sorry you said you had good election results in some parts of the country but you are down seven councils in England. In what world is this making progress?

“Other than Wales where are you making progress? Overall you are going backwards!”

One viewer tweeted: “Car crash interview with Ian Murray. Deluded.”

Another noted: ” A deluded Labour chap from Edinburgh on Ridge trying to tell the world that Keir Starmer is making progress.”


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