Sophie, Countess of Wessex's 'dominant' body language with Edward shows she is 'in charge'


The royal will do this both by herself and with her husband.

Prince Edward has been in the spotlight his entire life but Sophie may still take the lead when they are together.

Body language expert Darren Stanton commented on recent outings between the couple.

He told “In one picture, Sophie has her head tilted back in an attempt to try and match Edward’s height, which shows the dominant nature of their relationship.


“I believe she is very much the dominant force in the family.

“The chin thrust is sometimes seen as an act of aggression in certain contexts.

“However, here it is a humorous attempt to say, ‘You might be taller but I’m the boss’.”

Despite being the son of the Queen, the expert suggested Prince Edward seems to take a step back in public.

“This is a very dominant gesture that you might see a police officer or army officer.”

Sophie’s body language suggests she takes charge in the relationship, Darren claimed.

“It is a confidence pose which says, ‘I am in charge’,” he added.

“Psychologically, our torso and stomach area is hardwired in our brains as being vulnerable since it protects many vital organs.

“By allowing her stomach and abdomen area to remain uncovered, Sophie is saying she is a very confident woman.”


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