Sophie Countess of Wessex 'strong' body language shows she is key ally for Kate Middleton


Judi said: “Sophie is said to be a close ally of her mother-in-law the Queen.

“In terms of her body language she tends to blend some of the signals of the kind of laid-back calm and fun that we get from Zara with the stoic, deft formality of the Queen herself.

“This attitude must have made her the perfect royal wife to welcome and induct Kate into the Royal Family.

“Especially in the face of William’s horror of bringing Kate into the same circus that he watched his mother suffer.”


Sophie seamlessly transitioned into the family and quickly became a popular royal.

The Countess may have given tips to Kate when she married Prince William, 38.

Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge has adopted a similar attitude to royal life to Sophie, Judi continued.

“Sophie’s formula does appear to have been copied by Kate too,” she added.

The expert said: “Many of the poses of the two women together show Sophie face-checking Kate with quite strong bouts of watchful-looking eye contact to suggest she’s taking a semi-maternal approach.

“Raised brows and what’s called a ‘pinging’ smile that implies she wants to ensure Kate is enjoying herself.

“There is some mirroring when the two women walk together but it’s primarily Sophie projecting the stronger signals of relaxed confidence while Kate smiles happily at her side.”


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