Sir Michael Palin admits fears over the future of the BBC: 'Times are changing'

Sir Michael Palin, 77, revealed he’s “worried” about the future of the BBC as it attempts to keep up with changes in society. Claiming the corporation has “changed” a lot over the years, he believes it’s become too anxious about offending anyone.

The actor and travel documentarian noted that the Beeb is usually “admired” globally, but things are evolving.

He told The Mirror: “I am worried about the BBC because I believe the BBC to be one of the most important institutions in the country.

“An institution, having travelled the world, it is usually admired wherever I go but I can see times are changing.”

He also admitted to Jeremy Paxman on his podcast The Lock In, that he believes the broadcaster is “its own worst enemy” in that sense.

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“We live near Hampstead Heath in London and near friends.”

Michael was recently seen on screens for his series Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime, which looked back at over 30 years of his TV travels.

Following the success of the show, he returned again for a bonus 90-minute Christmas special Himalaya: Journey of a Lifetime, and he admitted that BBC producers were afraid to potentially put him at risk after his life-saving operation.

“I suppose it was right to take care,” he admitted.

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