'Self-isolation hasn't been effective' GP tells BBC Breakfast amid Covid isolation change

“Can you elaborate on that a bit?” Sima asked. “Ministers have been telling the public to do this for well over a year now, do you think it has been effective?”

Ellie confessed: “It doesn’t appear so and certainly the data points to that, it’s been a very difficult situation for people who work in certain circumstances who can’t afford to self-isolate, it’s been very difficult for NHS staff who’ve been having to self-isolate and therefore we’ve had huge numbers of people off all the time.

“It’s been particularly difficult for children, often self-isolating for a contact in their year group who they’ve never actually seen or met and they’re off school for an extra 10 days.

“So I think this is a really positive step because we haven’t been very good at self-isolating because it’s very, very difficult and often it’s not possible.”

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