Scottish election polls: Sturgeon on course to win as Indyref2 support sinks – latest poll

A new poll from Sky News shows Scots are now less enthusiastic about the prospect of independence, but also show SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon heading for a majority win in this week’s Holyrood Elections. A new poll by Opinium found Nicola Sturgeon is on course to return as Scotland’s First Minister with a slim overall majority for the country’s leading party.

The latest poll found that support for a second independence referendum is now equally tied at 50-50, once “don’t knows” are excluded.

This is down from 51-49 in the last Sky News poll.

The poll sampled 1,015 Scottish voters between April 28 and May 3.

If the SNP take Holyrood with an overall majority after Thursday’s vote, the proportion of those who want Indyref2 within five years – that is the length of the next Scottish parliament – is 42 percent, down seven points on last month.

The findings could encourage Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resist Ms Sturgeon’s demand of a second referendum, something he has been unwilling to even consider so far.

The SNP leader has been adamant about pressing forward with a second independence referendum if given the mandate to do so this week.

Ms Sturgeon told Sky Newsy: “I’m saying if Boris Johnson wants to stop it, he would have to take legal action.

“If Boris Johnson didn’t do that [take legal action to dispute the legal basis of the referendum], by definition it would be a legal referendum.

“If he did do that, the courts would decide.”

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