Scotland lockdown: Sturgeon's 'disappointing' routemap out of Covid branded 'nothing!'

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was confronted by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson in a showdown in Scottish Parliament on Tuesday. Ms Davidson insisted that Nicola Sturgeon lacked clarity in her speech about how Scotland would return to life out of lockdown. Ms Davidson insisted that Ms Sturgeon wasn’t showcasing a roadmap but rather a holding document. 

She demanded the First Minister answer why she wasn’t giving a more clear plan for the Scottish people as many would now be left disappointed. 

Ms Davidson said: “There is nothing for the thousands of Scots that have had medical treatment tests or operations cancelled about when and how services will get back up to speed.

“There is nothing about those who have already postponed huge life events like weddings for a year, about when they can walk down the isle in front of family and friends.

“There is nothing about when measures like social distancing will end and when we can do something as basic as give a loved one a hug.”

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Ms Davidson remarked that the statement and accompanying document relate almost entirely to the time between now and the 26th of April.

This being the date at which Ms Sturgeon intends to move all of Scotland to level 3 restrictions, pandemic permitting.

She continued: “There is nothing about what happens after the 26th of April.

“This is not a route map out of Covid but a holding document for the next 8 weeks.

She said: “It is not a reality I enjoy and it is not a reality anyone enjoys but there is still uncertainty.

“There is uncertainty about the impact of the vaccination on transmission.

“Although all the evidence that is now emerging on that is positive.

“We need to make sure that we are not opening up while the virus is hovering and simmering at levels that are too high to do that.”


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