Scalp scrub: Are scalp scrubs necessary? 4 steps to a healthy scalp

Water quality

Do not just wash your hair in any water, you need to consider the water quality where you wash your hair most often!

If you have hard water at home, which more than 60 percent of UK residents do, Dr Ahmed suggests purchasing a shower filter to soften it.

She also advised: “Look for ingredients to remove build-up and scale on the scalp as well as nourishing the hair (which can become dry and brittle)

“Instead of showering on the hottest setting, use tepid water to wash your scalp so as not to irritate it.”


You don’t need to avoid styling your hair or using products, but try not to drench your hair in oils.

Dr Ahmed said: “When styling hair, use the minimal amount of product needed and try to avoid applying anything unnecessary directly to the scalp.

“Use hairstyling practices that are gentle on the scalp and hair, and always use UV protection and products with antioxidant ingredients.”

Your hair may need different products throughout the year.

For example, in the winter we tend to have our heating on inside and this makes your hair dry. In this case, your hair might need some oil-based products.

Dr Ahmed recommends products with piroctone olamine and selenium sulphide if your scalp is super dry.

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