Run the World Q&A: Andrea Bordeaux & Bresha Webb on importance of show and season 2 hopes

“You know, you can live in Harlem, and you can have a place and you can dress fabulous, just how I used to aspire to live like Sex in the City. I feel like young women need to see themselves reflected on screen. And when I read the script, I felt I was finally being seen.”

Bordeaux: “I definitely agree with that. It was, for me reading it, it was – I just thought it was so smart. It was so smart. 

“And like I remember reading a scene with Ella and Barb (Erika Alexander), that first scene between the two of them in episode one and just the way that they’re kind of bantering back and forth about the industry and the business and how the changes in life and how you’re supposed to adapt.

“And Ella’s just being like, ‘what the hell is going on right now? Like, how did I even end up in this place?’ And I think that was so relatable because we’ve all had those experiences where we just kind of wake up one morning, and we don’t recognise the life that we have. 

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