Royal Navy to be 'foremost naval power in Europe' with new frigates and underwater vessels

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s defence upgrade will see the Royal Navy receive the new vessels as part of the Government’s defence review. UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The Royal Navy gets new frigates, supply ships, and underwater surveillance vessels.” One of the new vessels will be the Type 32 frigate which would come “further along from the Type 31”, Mr Wallace stated.

The Royal Navy has “requested another class of ship” to improve the defence capabilities of its surface fighting vessels.

Plans for these news Type 32 frigates were first announced by Boris Johnson in November 2020.

The design details of the Type 32 well include, factors such as being a mothership for mine warfare autonomous underwater devices.

These new ships will be anti-submarine specialists and be a replacement for the Type 45 destroyer.

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The Integrated Review’s goal is to restore the United Kingdom as “the foremost naval power in Europe” through the construction of new vessels.

The review explains that the new Type 32 frigate is designed to be an advanced “platform for autonomous systems”.

This will be used in roles such as anti-submarine warfare and mine countermeasures.

The Royal Navy’s underwater surveillance vessels are also related to this new Type 32 frigate project and are also mentioned in the Integrated Review.

The Royal Navy is seeking to create large unmanned, autonomous submarines that can work autonomously to counter enemy vessels.

The Navy’s Integrated Review is due to be published in March 2021.

The Treasury and Cabinet Office has promised a spending rise for the MoD of 4.2 percent per year.

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