Royal heartbreak: How Edo was still living with ex when Beatrice romance began


Beatrice was due to get married on May 29 but the lockdown measures meant she and her fiance — affectionately known as Edo — had to postpone their special day. The pair have been family friends for years but the romantic spark allegedly appeared just before Beatrice’s younger sister Princess Eugenie’s wedding, back in October 2018. Edo was previously engaged to marry Dara Huang, a Harvard-educated architect, and mother of his toddler son Christopher Woolf, or ‘Wolfie’. They broke it off just six months before his romance with Beatrice began.

According to Fabulous Digital last September, Edo’s decision to call his relationship off with Ms Huang seemed very sudden, especially as they had been engaged since 2015.

A source explained to outlet: “Almost overnight, Chinese-American fiancee Dara became Edo’s ex fiancee.

“The talented Harvard-educated architect had been planning her idyllic wedding to Edo but was unceremoniously dumped.”

Just half-a-year later, he was re-introduced to Beatrice and a friend told The Sun they “hit it off instantly”.

A source told Fabulous Digital: “Beatrice was delighted to find herself in the company of easy on the eye Edo and they started dating under the radar almost immediately.”

Beatrice soon introduced the property tycoon to her royal relatives, while Edo left “Dara sleeping on a pal’s sofa” according to the article.

Another insider told The Sun that the Queen’s granddaughter would not have started her romance with Edo unless she was sure his last relationship was over although Fabulous Digital pointed out, “the romance started when they were still sharing a London home”.

Edo soon moved in with Beatrice at St James Palace and quickly forged a close bond with both Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew.

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However, Ms Huang apparently likes Beatrice and does not think she should get back together with Edo.

When Beatrice got engaged to Edo, an insider told The Sun that Beatrice’s younger sister was ecstatic for her.

They explained: “Eugenie and Jack are delighted that Beatrice has found a caring man — despite his relationship pitfalls.”

This is a reference to his previous relationship with Dara Huang.

Beatrice was also in a serious relationship prior to Edo, with Dave Clarke, from 2006 to 2016.

However, they broke up as the young royal was keen to marry, while her American love was significantly less so.

She had not dated anyone else since Mr Clarke when sparks flew between her and Edo.

Beatrice will be the first “blood princess” to become a stepmother, too.

The Sun claimed shortly after the couples’ engagement last Autumn that Beatrice is looking to start a family with her fiance.

A source explained: “Princess Beatrice is head over heels in love and wants to marry as soon as possible and start a family.

“Fergie is hardly able to contain her motherly delight at another York wedding in Windsor.”

Wolfie will be the best man while Ms Huang has been invited to the wedding.


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