Residents' fury at 'vegan vandals forcing their views down our throats'

The stickers, which have been dotted around a part of leafy Southport, Merseyside, contain slogans, such as “Against animal cruelty? Join the worldwide movement”. Some locals, however, have compared the stickers to vandalism and are furious with the activists trying to share the message.  

“The vegan vandals are at it again. What sort of message does this send out?,” one resident said.

Liverpool Echo reports that others believe the stickers have become a “blight on a lovely village”.

One person said: “Out on a lovely walk around Formby today I felt so lucky to live in such a nice place.

“However, for a good mile or two of my walk I saw pro-vegan stickers on every single lamppost.

“While I am all for people being passionate about a cause, this is no different to any other vandalism and is a blight on our lovely village.

“Just because you’re trying to do what you think is a good thing doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to tarnish the local area. I am disappointed to say the least.”

Another resident said: “Well I’m sick and tired of people pushing their views down everyone’s throats, if that’s their choice fine but it’s not mine.”

A third added: “I’m furious. I was out for a nice walk today to admire my vegan stickers, and someone has put lampposts on them all.”

Putting up stickers without permission (fly-posting) is a criminal offence.

Legal measures to prevent fly-posting include on-the-spot fines of up to £80, prosecution in a magistrates’ court, and charging the offender for the cost of removing stickers or posters.

It is unclear if the police have been made aware of these stickers.

However, other people in the area have defended the activists’ decision to use them.

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