Ramadan start date and time: When does Ramadan 2021 start?

Ramadan will take place for its second year under Covid restrictions, with people forced to spend the next month with limits attached to social gatherings. The month of fasting will come as a significant test, especially with lengthening days. But it can only begin under a specific set of circumstances.

When does Ramadan 2021 start?

Like all religious occasions, Ramadan comes with a strict set of parameters for Muslims to follow.

Scripture states the period of abstinence begins and ends with a new moon.

But at present, Muslims only have a rough idea of when this may be.

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Ramadan dates tend to drift back every year, thanks to the Islamic calendar.

The navigates with the moon, running counter to the solar method used by the west’s Gregorian version.

The incongruence means Muslims will fast roughly 11 days earlier each year.

As Ramadan moves back, the days will become shorter, and Muslims won’t need to fast as long each day.

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