Raab admits being 'kept awake at night' by looming Iran threat as UK increases warheads

Dominic Raab told the BBC’s Today Programme that the UK Government is committed to maintaining a nuclear deterrent and will be increasing the number of warheads in its arsenal. The Foreign Secretary also outlined Iran as a looming threat to the UK as well as a combination and variety of other dangers.  

The BBC’s Nick Robinson asked: “Why do you want to do that, who do you think they are needed for to counteract?”

Mr Raab replied: “What I will tell you is that we have always maintained our commitment to the minimum credible deterrent via the nuclear front.”

The BBC host interjected: “Foreign Secretary, you might not want to give us the exact detail but it is pretty clear there is a leaked document and everybody has got it.

“You might not want to give us the number, but why would you want to increase the number of warheads?”

The Foreign Secretary said: “Because over time as the circumstances change and the threats change, we need to maintain a minimum credible level of deterrent.

“Why? Because it is the ultimate guarantee, the ultimate insurance policy against the worst threat from hostile states.”

Mr Robinson asked: “Over the past year, you have been able to review all of the threats we face, briefly as you would…what keeps you awake at night?”

Mr Raab responded: “I think it is the combination and the variety of what we face, we have obviously got Iran, we are trying to reengage with Iran, we must never see Iran get a nuclear weapon.”

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