Queen’s wedding day almost ruined by wardrobe malfunction – 'Rather alarmed'

The Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara famously broke ahead of the ceremony. It had the potential to spoil the grand occasion with an estimated 200 million people waiting eagerly to see her nuptials with Prince Philip. The Queen reportedly told the iconic story to Kate Middleton in 2018 while attending an exhibition displaying the Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding dress.

As she tells it, her wedding day to Prince Philip in 1947 was her first time ever wearing a tiara.

The Queen said: “The catch, which I didn’t know existed, it suddenly went.

“I didn’t know it was a necklace, you see… I thought I’d broken it.

“We stuck it all together again, but I was rather alarmed.”

The Telegraph reported that the Queen Mother suggested that Elizabeth opt for a different tiara, but the then future queen was adamant to wear the specific one.

The Queen mother said: “We have two hours and there are other tiaras.”

At the time it was only on loan as the ‘something borrowed’ from her mother – a tradition dating back to the Victorian Era.

As luck would have it, royal jeweller Garrard was on standby to help fix it.

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It has made a few appearances since her wedding day though, as it was worn by Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice on their wedding days in 1973 and 2020 respectively.

The Queen still owns the famous tiara, but rarely wears it.

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