Queen’s ‘terribly poignant’ moment suggested she ‘couldn't face’ Philip’s funeral alone

Her Majesty was seen sitting alone at St George’s Chapel while a funeral service for her late husband was underway and other members of the Royal Family sat in sections divided by household bubbles. Footage showing the Monarch was analysed by body language expert Judi James, who emphasised the poignancy of the moment, which reflected the coronavirus rules that are currently in place.

Ms James told Mail Online: “The Queen provided the most memorable moments, in her isolation in the chapel where she sat with her head dipped so low that her face was completely covered from view by her hat.

“There was one moment when she paused and turned around before entering the chapel and it looked terribly poignant, almost as though she couldn’t face going in alone.

“She turned for what looked like reassurance that her party was behind her.”

Royal commentators echoed claims about the Queen’s grief, with some questioning whether a member of her bubble could have sat beside her.

Royal expert Charlie Proctor wrote on Twitter: “Was there really no room in St George’s Chapel for Lady Susan Hussey, The Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting, so Her Majesty didn’t have to sit alone?

“Lady Susan is in The Queen’s bubble and travelled in the car with her today.”

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy said of the photo: “This is an incredibly moving image of the Queen alone today.”

Journalist Piers Morgan also discussed the footage, highlighted the hardships of the coronavirus pandemic.

He tweeted: “Has there ever been a more heart-breaking picture of The Queen?

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