Queen's 'slumped' body language showed exact moment Prince Philip delivered 'awful' news

The Queen’s “body language” revealed the moment she was informed that her father, King George VI, had died, according to Lady Pamela Hicks. Prince Philip’s cousin spoke about witnessing the Duke of Edinburgh deliver the tragic news while they were in Kenya on a Commonwealth tour in 1952. In the ITV documentary, ‘My Years with Queen’, Lady Pamela described what the royal did after she learned what happened.

Lady Pamela continued: “You could see the moment she was told, the body language.

“She stopped walking and slumped a bit.

“One thought, ‘how awful for her’.

“She comes back into the house and I give her a hug.”

When Queen Elizabeth arrived back in London, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was among those waiting at the airport.

Lady Pamela was on the plane with the Queen and filmed following her down the aircraft steps.

When asked how she felt in that moment, she told her daughter, India Hicks, that “she didn’t”.

Lady Pamela said: “I think I was stunned.

“I think one just was floating.”

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