Queen shock: Monarch puts on witty display in hilarious candid chat – 'This is BRILLIANT!'

The Queen carried out her second ever virtual royal engagement this week as she spoke to representatives from the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, as well as the Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter. Royal fans were given a rare glimpse into the Queen’s humorous side as she cracked a joke with the military bosses.

During the video call, her majesty learnt all about the work the military personnel were carrying out at home and overseas during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Everybody’s been extremely busy with the pandemic and doing a wonderful job.”

From the RAF was Lance Corporal Shanwayne Stephens of the Queen’s Colour Squadron, who told the Queen about his lockdown exercise regime of pushing a car up and down the streets.

To which the Queen joked: “Well I suppose that’s one way to train.”

The engagement saw a new side to the Queen’s personality as she put on a relaxed and “smiley” display as she beamed into the camera.

L/Cpl Stephens, based at RAF Northolt, said after the video call: “It was a bit strange, I’ve been in close proximity with the Queen on quite a few occasions but never actually had a face-to-face conversation with her – well, screen-to-screen.

“She just said it had been a hard time and it was nice to keep in contact with everybody.

“She seemed very relaxed and in fact she made me feel a bit more relaxed when she came on.

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One royal fan tweeted: “This is BRILLIANT! From grainy black and white broadcasts in the 1940s to Zoom calls.

“What a fabulous Queen we have.”

A second added: “This is such a nice, new, aspect being able to see the Queen’s personality and work up close.

“Although she’s met thousands, so many people still have never seen her or met her so this is so nice to see. Thank you.”

A third said: “The Queen adapting to technology! She looks so cute.

“Loved this call, thanks to all the armed forces for everything they do worldwide.”

Also on the call was Lt Col Terry, who said he had not seen his wife and two sons back in Gloucester since November.

the Lieutenant’s two periods of leave were cancelled due to the travel restrictions of coronavirus.

However, Queen’s understanding nature as a mother and grandmother herself was clear to Col. Terry, who spoke out about his time speaking to the Queen.

He said: “I think with her background, she’s used to her grandchildren and her children at various stages of their life being away due to service in the armed forces.

“Especially with Prince Philip.

“I think she’s familiar with the family separation that service life brings.”


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