Queen Mother's brutal nickname for Prince Philip showed true feelings 'She wasn't joking'

The Queen Mother’s scathing term to refer to Prince Philip was “not altogether joking”, according to a royal historian. The Duke of Edinburgh’s tension with his mother-in-law, especially in the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, was famously known. Experts spoke to Channel 4 documentary, ‘Queen Elizabeth: Love, Honour and Crown’, about why the monarchy was so against the consort.

Majesty Magazine Editor Ingrid Seward told viewers: “Philip had no money, he had no lands.

“He had nothing really other than his charm and his wit and the clothes he stood up in and, of course, he was very royal.

“But the household didn’t like him – they thought he was too German.”

Although he had fought with distinction during the war, two of Philip’s sisters had been married to Nazi officers.

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Author Sarah Gristwood added: “It’s said that the Queen Mother used to refer to Prince Philip as ‘the Hun’.

“Not altogether jokingly either.”

The nickname was because the Duke was a member of the German house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg.

The Queen Mother was very strongly anti-German, and ‘the Hun’ was how the Allies referred to the forces of Germany and Austro-Hungary in World War One in order to conjure up images of a bestial foe.

The two royals clashed over numerous issues, including the modernisation of Palaces and which surname the children would take.

Historian Professor Kate Williams explained: “The Queen Mother wants Elizabeth’s monarchy to be exactly the same as George VI.

“Philip wants things to change.

“So this battle between the Queen Mother and Philip, between the past and the future, begins.

“And Elizabeth is torn in between them.”

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