'Queen is different!' Jeremy Vine demands change to funeral rules for Royal Family

The Royal Family is preparing to mourn the loss of Prince Philip in a slimmed-down ceremony at St George’s Chapel on Saturday. The Duke of Edinburgh’s low-key funeral will be limited in attendance to only 30 guests in keeping with coronavirus restrictions. Ahead of Philip’s funeral, Jeremy Vine has questioned whether social distancing measures should be waved in order to allow the Queen to sit with the rest of her family for the service. 

Guest Nana Akua replied: “She is different in the way she lives.

“But ultimately she is the same.

“Because the law doesn’t allow you to say, ‘well, I’m the Queen so I can supersede the law’.

“We would be in a very dangerous place if people in places of power were able actually to supersede the law.”

British royals are usually laid to rest in lead-lined coffins because they keep out moisture and preserve the body for longer.

The scaled-down funeral is expected to be attended mostly by Royal Family members due to the strict limit on numbers.

Prince Harry has returned to the UK especially for the event and will appear beside his brother Prince William in public for the first time in months on Saturday.

The Queen’s husband of 73 years is said to have died peacefully at Windsor Castle last Friday at the age of 99.

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