Queen Elizabeth to have Royals rally with her after Prince Philip’s death – ‘All step up'

Speaking to the Daily Mail, sources said plans have long been in place to ensure Her Majesty will be accompanied by a member of the Royal Family.

One source told the outlet: “The long-term planning has long been that she should have a member of the Royal Family with her as well whenever possible or appropriate.

“It’s a question now of bringing that forward slightly. If you look back at the pandemic, much of the work of the Royal Family has already been led by Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Catherine.

“It is very practical way of supporting the Queen. Her Majesty really values that and doesn’t take it for granted. That will continue.

“But we will see senior family members take up more investitures and some of the more physically burdensome duties the Queen has, as well as going out and about with her when she leaves a royal residence.”

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