Queen Elizabeth II shows 'breathtaking resilience' despite Prince Philip health fears

The analyst added: “She adopts a frown of concentration and nods gently to show active listening while the other people speak and despite what must have been a background of worries over the health of Prince Philip she even manages to show a sense of humour here, grinning at the film of her own statue and chuckling as she says she hopes people weren’t alarmed to see it.”

The video call was released as the Duke remained in hospital for a third consecutive week.

How is Prince Philip?

On Monday, Buckingham Palace issued a new update on The Duke of Edinburgh’s health, confirming he had been transferred to a new London hospital.

Philip was first admitted to King Edward VII hospital on February 16 for treatment of an infection.

While the Duke is understood to have been responding to treatment, nearly two weeks after his initial admission he was moved to St Batholomew’s Hospital in The City of London.

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