Queen Elizabeth II news: 3 birthday traditions she won't observe following Philip's death

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, cut a lonely figure as she attended the funeral of her late husband Prince Philip at St George’s Chapel on Saturday. The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen were married for 73 years and he died just months before his 100th birthday on June 10. While the Queen is due to turn 95 this Wednesday it is understood her focus had been on marking the Duke’s centenary and there are no big plans for her to publicly celebrate her own, especially as she is still in mourning.

Three birthday traditions the Queen won’t observe this year

1.) An official birthday portrait

Royal birthdays are often celebrated by the release of a new photo, but as the Queen turns 95 there will be no new portrait, the Daily Mail reports.

While there may be a tribute to the Queen shared on her official Royal Family social media accounts this is not likely to include a new picture.

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King George II was born in chilly November – not a good time of year for outdoor celebrations – so it was decided his birthday should be publicly marked on a warmer date.

This was when the decision to hold the monarch’s official birthday on the second Saturday of June was first made, and it has stuck to this day.

How will the Queen celebrate her birthday?

According to royal insiders, the Queen will celebrate her 95th birthday with a quiet lunch with close family members at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

Full details of the gathering are expected to remain private as the Queen marks her first birthday in more than seven decades without Philip at her side.

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