Princess Anne's bizarre breakfast habit laid bare by chef who discusses Royal diets

Darren McGrady, who worked as the Queen’s head chef in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace from 1982 to 1993, revealed her bizarre banana habit. The Princess Royal eats a bowl of fruit every morning and has one peculiar request. 

In an interview with TODAY, Mr McGrady shared that “[Princess Anne] almost always preferred the bananas almost black — over ripe — because they digest easier.”

Mr McGrady also shared many other facts about the Royal Family’s bizarre fruit eating habits.

He described how, because of an old tradition, members of the Royal Family are not able to eat any item of food with their hands.

This means most senior royals are forced to cut up and eat fruit with a knife and fork.

Mr McGrady went on to explain how the royals go about eating a banana with a knife and fork.

He explained that the top and bottom of the fruit are cut away before the peel is “sliced down the middle” so that it can be opened.

Mr McGrady explained that the rule of never eating with your hands also extends to anyone else at a royal banquet.

He added that all guests are provided with a “dessert knife and fork, a small plate and a finger bowl”.

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“If the prince felt that number five was too runny, he could knock the top off number six or seven.”

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