Prince William is overwhelming choice of young Brits to succeed the Queen new poll finds

The survey also found that a majority of women wanted the Duke of Cambridge as the next British sovereign, while men overall were more in favour of Prince Charles. The Find Out Now poll was based on a sample size of 8,840 people and asked the question: “If the Queen now stands down, who should replace her?” Among 18-24 year olds, almost 47 percent chose William and just 25 percent went for his father, Prince Charles.

A similar stark contrast can be seen among the next age group – those between 25 and 34.

Almost 49 percent from this age bracket opted for the Duke of Cambridge, as opposed to 27.55 percent for the Prince of Wales.

Thirty five to 44-year-olds were more evenly split, with roughly 43 percent in favour of William and 38.82 percent opting for Charles.

The Duke of Cornwall’s biggest supporters were among the over-65 year olds, where he enjoyed a majority of 51.49 percent to 38.15 percent.

Similarly disconcerting for the Prince of Wales was the stark division in support between women and men for his candidacy to become the next King of England.

As many as 52.9 percent of women wanted William to succeed his grandmother to the throne, with only 33.88 percent supporting Charles.

Among men overall, 45 percent were in favour of Charles, while 36 percent wanted William.

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“I think she should (keep going) although I think clearly Charles is taking some duty for her. She doesn’t do the foreign tours now.

“I don’t see why she should not. That is the nature of monarchy.

“You are invested at your coronation and sanctified to reign for your natural life.”

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