Prince Philip praised by photographer for supporting Queen in 'unique and humorous way'

Speaking to Australian news outlet 9Honey, Mr Jackson also recalled how he photographed the Cambridge family a number of times, been on numerous royal tours and was even the one to take Prince Charles’s official 70th birthday portrait in 2018.

He said about his career as a royal photographer: “It’s another one of those things that is really special about royal photography and what I love about it is that you get to know a small group of different characters and there’s different approaches to take to photograph everybody.

“Everyone has different characters, different ways of doing things and you know they have different relationships, I think that is really amazing, so it keeps it fresh and interesting and also that’s what’s so special about it – getting to know the nuances of the family, over the years is a really amazing thing.

“And every year you learn something different.”

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