Premium Bonds July 2020 winners: What are the winning numbers this month?

Premium Bonds were first introduced in 1956, and are now owned by an estimated 23million people in the UK. Unlike other investments, where you earn interest on a regular dividend income, you are entered into a monthly prize draw where you can win between £23 and £1million in tax free money. You will not, however, earn regular income on your bonds. Bond holders are able to cash them in any time without a penalty notice. 

What are this month’s winning numbers?

Two lucky winners have cashed in on this month’s winnings. 

The recipients of the Premium Bonds prize will be handed £1million in tax-free cash. 

The winners this month are a male hailing from Tyne and Wear, who won on the number 392SK696449 after investing £35,000. 

The other winner is a female, from Surrey, who won on the number 297WB837011 and invested £50,000. 


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