PIP claimants could receive ‘top-up’ on benefits from DWP – details explained


PIP is currently overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which is responsible for ensuring claimants receive the amount to which they are entitled. The sum of money is likely to help these individuals with day-to-day living costs, or potentially larger expenses associated with their condition. PIP will vary from person to person, depending on how their condition affects them, rather than the condition itself.

Employment and Support Allowance premiums are available to those who receive the daily living component of PIP.

And the same can be said for a benefit top up for Pension Credit. 

Receiving a premium will not reduce the amount of PIP or benefits a person is entitled to.

Therefore, it is always considered best to approach the DWP to see what extra amounts a person could receive.

Benefit premiums must be claimed by the person concerned, and so it will be important to take action on the matter.

Citizens Advice has encouraged Britons to contact the office which is in charge of a person’s benefits to explain the situation.

Claimants should inform the office they are receiving PIP, and ask what other support they could be entitled to.

Contacting the DWP is likely to provide more clarity to an individual’s situation and could uncover money which is currently unclaimed.

The DWP may request to see a copy of a person’s PIP award letter when they apply for a benefits top up. 

The government department is also able to tell a person how much extra they will ultimately receive. 

It is worth noting, in addition, there may be other support those claiming PIP could be entitled to.

Those in receipt of either the daily living or mobility part of PIP could be entitled to a council tax discount.

This sum will vary, as it is dependent on the council tax band a person is in, as well as how much PIP they will receive.

However, the process of application is designed to be a simple one.

Britons are encouraged to reach out to their local council, informing them of a claim of PIP, and asking about a discount on council tax.

Once again, claimants are likely to be asked for a copy of their PIP award letter to provide a bigger picture of a situation to the council involved. 


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